Whey Permeate Milk Powder

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Whey permeate is the most cost-competitive source of dairy solids on the market. With its clean dairy flavor, milk and whey permeate can easily replace whey powder across General Food, Beverage or Feed applications.

Whey permeate is a coproduct of the production of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate.

Whey permeate is obtained by using ultrafiltration to remove whey protein from pasteurized white cheese whey. we offers whey permeate powder Because of its low protein rate of > 4.5 and average content of 80% lactose.


  • Competitive dairy solid
  • New formula optimization tool
  • Replaces costly dairy solids
  • Brings solids with low fat level
  • Browning agent
  • Dairy mineral source