Mozzarella Cheese

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a stringy cheese ideal to give long stretching filaments to many food preparations like pizzas and ready meals. We can propose quality suitable for shredding application

Product information

Mozzarella is produced from pasteurized milk. It is a fresh cheese and differs from a lot of other cheeses because it can be used without a ripening process.

Mozzarella has a low moisture content and it is a firm homogeneous cheese without holes. It has a mild milky taste and it is suitable for shredding. The fat content is 40%+. The color is white to ivory).

The different steps in the production process of Mozzarella are:

  • Heating of the curd and kneading it
  • Curd stretching
  • Curd cutting and putting it in to molds
  • Cooling down of the product (which leads to a firmer texture)


  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Baking
  • Fresh Salads

Product’s advantages

  • It’s a tasteful ingredient for ready cooked dishes, lasagna, pizza’s and salads
  • Firm texture gives the possibility for easy shredding
  • It has a firm rubbery body with excellent stretching and melting capacities