Demineralized Whey Powder

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In Demineralized whey a portion of the minerals are removed from the pasteurized whey. The typical levels of this demineralization are 40%, 50%, 70% and 90%.

Demineralized whey powder has better taste, is less salty and contains less ash, therefore is more valuable than standard whey powder. It is obtained from liquid whey, obtained from production of cheese from cows’ milk, by spray drying technology.

Demineralized whey powder contains lactose as well as serum proteins with a high nutritional value. When it is 90% demineralized it is often used for infant food. In this infant formula application it helps to standardize the serum protein, lactose and mineral contents to be closer to the breast milk composition.
Typical composition is: protein 11 – 15% and Lactose 70 to 80%.

The powder is free flowing, white to yellowish, typical milk taste and smell without foreign odor.

Demineralized Whey is used for dairy-, bakery-, confectionery- and other food- and nutritional- products (including infant formula) as:

  • An economical source of dairy solids
  • An alternative to sweet whey powder. With lower mineral/ash content and a high lactose content it is often used for nutritional or flavor reasons
  • An alternative to lactose. With a moderate protein content it provides extra nutritional or functional advantages
    • It’s a good carbohydrates source
    • It has a good emulsion capacity
    • Wettability
    • It has dispersible ability
    • It gives thermal stability
    • It has browning properties
    • It gives a low hygroscopicity
    • It has a good fluidity