New research from Chr. Hansen confirms that GALLIPRO® — a direct-fed microbial (DFM) for poultry containing a unique strain of Bacillus subtilis — allows producers to reduce energy, protein and amino-acid content in feed, without reducing broiler performance. GALLIPRO® is marketed as GALLIPRO® Max in the US.

These findings — combined with Chr. Hansen’s 100+ years of experience in microbial product development — are the basis of the company’s new “Flexible Feed Formulation” concept, which was presented in a forum at the 2016 International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The forum included research presentations by Dorthe Sandvang, senior research scientist with Chr. Hansen; Michael Sims, president, Virginia Diversified Research Center; and Prof. Horácio Rostagno of Brazil’s University of Viçosa.

“Our Flexible Feed Formulation concept reflects our commitment to supporting successful and sustainable poultry production with solutions that help our customers produce more with less,” says global product manager Mickaël Rouault.

“Feed can account for up to 70 percent of the cost of broiler production, with energy, protein and amino acids representing some of the costliest components. By boosting enzyme production while enhancing intestinal function, GALLIPRO® is proven to increase both the availability and uptake of energy and nutrients. As a result, broilers can maintain performance on diets that are lower in energy, protein and amino acids — and consequently, lower in cost.”

Improved digestibility and performance
In several trials conducted under commercial conditions in the US and Brazil, GALLIPRO® was shown to contribute 35 to 100 kcal/kg feed, depending on feed composition and flock-health conditions.

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